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Zračna luka Vrsar

With asphalt runway 700 x 18 m, on RWY heading of 01 and 19, open for international traffic from April to November. Frequency 126.65 MHz operates as AFIS. Airport had asphalt apron, and is equipped with fuel, air service station, hangar, restaurant and duty free shop. Main office for North Adria Aviation operations offers FPL, MET and ATC service with PULA (LDPL) Terminal Air Traffic Control.

Operator of Vrsar Airport is NORTH ADRIA AVIATION, witch offer many services. Beside the technical service for general aviation aircraft, passenger and crew transfer, NAA offers more flight’s services, as follows:

Excursion flights to airports Unije , Losinj, Pula and Rijeka Sightseeing flights of 15, 30 and 120 minutes Taxi flights for international and domestic airports Rent a plane Pilot school Medical flights Aerial photography Search and rescue flights Parachuting jumps, training and competitions Publicity flights, leaflet dropping, banner towing

Vrsar airport Vrsar airport Vrsar airport Vrsar airport Vrsar airport Vrsar airport Vrsar airport


52420 Vrsar
Tel.: +385 52 441350
Fax: +385 52 441350

North Adria Aviation have worked since 1990. In all these years they have been emproving the company so, now they can offer you aircrafts with 2, 3, 5, 7, 15 and 28 places. They further provide following services:

Avio taxi

C-172 , C-177, PA-34, L-410, Cessna citetion II, Conquest II

Passengers flights

We are fligting with: Cessna C-172 (3 places, 100 Nm/h = cca 160 km/h ), Cessna Citation II (7 places, 750 km/h), Piper PA 34-200 (5 places, 120 Nm/h = cca 200 km/h), Cessna Conquest II, L-140 Turbolet (15 places, 280 km/h), JAK - 40 (28 places, 320 km/h)

Cessna C-172 Piper PA 34-200 Cessna Citation II L-410 Turbolet JAK - 40


Cargo flights

For the cargo flights we use: L-410 (1500 kg), YAK-40 (3200 kg)

L-410 Turbolet JAK - 40


Panorama flights

For the panorama flights we can arrange flights with aircraft carring 3 ( C - 172, C -177), 5 ( PA - 34-200), 10 (AN - 2) and 15 (L - 410 LNP) pasangers.

Panorama flights-map


Flight school

At Vrsar airport you can attend our flight school and become a private pilot. You just need to be at least 18 years old and have a medical class C. The course takes from 6 - 12 weeks and includes ground school test, flight test and the licence.

Cessna C-172 Cessna C-172-cockpit Piper PA-34 Piper PA-34-cockpit



North Adria Aviation can arrange everything that is necessary for SKYDIVING. They can also teach you how to jump and find for you nice place to stay in Vrsar. They arrange jumps from L - 410 UVP for max. 15 people, and AN - 2 for max. 10 people.

L-410 Turbolet Parashooters in action AN-2 Antonov